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PachaYaku Therapy

All parts of you are welcome here

I want to acknowledge that looking for help and for the appropriate therapist can be hard and I appreciate you being here! 

PachaYaku Therapy is a psychotherapy practice and provides services to anyone living in North Carolina. This is a space where you can connect/reconnect with your ancestral healing and inner wisdom. We believe that therapy is a process of self-discovery and growth. We affirm that all individuals are the experts of their own experiences and choices. We invite exploring trauma through a liberation-focused, social justice and intersectionality lens in addition to ancestral wisdom, communal healing and intergenerational work. We are committed to your wellness and feel very honored to walk alongside you during this healing journey.

The Story Behind the Name

What is in the name?

Pacha” is the Quechua word for time, space and earth and “Yaku” is the Quechua word for water.  

Pacha can represent origin, existence, and life beyond what is known. Yaku can represent wellbeing, energy, purification, transition and sustainability. PachaYaku Therapy was created during my journey of reconnecting with my ancestral roots, my indigeneity, spirituality and Quechua community. The lack of representation and the few healing spaces provided for indigenous communities encouraged me to start my private practice. I chose to name my practice in Quechua in honor of my ancestors. I want to honor the healing practices our ancestors passed down to us and/or our own practices. Wellness is not about one single element but all of the elements that include mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellness. PachaYaku Therapy honors and encourages all types of healing including traditional and non-traditional ways. 

Welcome to PachaYaku Theraphy
You belong here!

 Serving the following areas: Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro and anyone else living in North Carolina.